About Rain Sundberg

Rain SundbergRain’s photographs portray a sacred journey into the intimate beauty of nature in all its intricate detail and perfection. Her camera allows you to step into a world you rarely see, where petal folds become deep chasms, stamens become regal pillars, and complex patterns emerge in breathtaking beauty and splendor. Rain brings forth messages of love and unity through her extraordinary images.

Rain’s artistic mediums include photography, oils, acrylics, metal and clay. She authored A GIFT OF LOVE, photographed and produced the DVD “JOY,” and helped to write and illustrate ACCOUNTABLE KIDS. The mother of three daughters and seven grandchildren, Rain has experienced that family provides the arena where love can be shared, cultivated and refined.

Rain possesses a great respect for all indigenous cultures and remains active in several cultural preservation foundations. She brings forth messages of love and unity that remind all of their oneness, connection and daily dependence upon God. Rain is a renaissance woman, an adventurer and one who walks a passionate spiritual path.