Excerpts From A Gift of Love



Now is the time to joyfully live your life. Joy is the divine essence of all. It is felt as a brush of pure love. As you fill your life with joy, you are energized and invigorated, and your joy then flows forth from you to others.

Joyfully create this day. Choose joy, accept it and express it in your life. True joy is not predicated on outward conditions, but on inner awareness. Joy is an inner state of gratitude and delight and is your natural state of being.

Joy is not found in the past or future, but only experienced in the present moment where you are connected to God. Creation stems from joy, power resides in joy, and love is the essence of joy. Joy is your true essence and all else is the illusion of physical life.

Experience the joy of being, and allow it to flow through you and into all you do. Delight in the miracles that joy calls forth. You are in a continual state of remembering that joy is your birthright. Feel gratitude for this moment of joy. Experience your life’s joyful expression of perfection and balance. Choose, accept and embrace the wondrous essence of joy.



Hope encourages you to be all you can be and is the basis for all your dreams. Feel hope filling you, energizing you and comforting you. Know that all ideas and things began first as hope. Hope is the precious seed planted in your soul. Nourish it, cultivate it, feed it and allow it time to bloom. Hope is God’s gift while faith, patience and perseverance are developed. All is possible and on the horizon with hope as your companion. Hope is a gift from God, but it is also your choice to receive the gift or not.

Feel hope as you dream your highest dreams and see them as real. Feel how wonderful it is to realize them. Hope is the guiding force and the fuel that keeps you moving toward your goals. It is the eternal light shining brightly and inviting you to manifestation. Hope invites you to trust in God. It is often present when evidence contradicts, but it is there nonetheless.

Hope is the driving force which encourages you to continue on, even when the odds are against you. It allows you to overcome tragedy, endure pain and trials, and rise to new heights. Hope encourages you to be who you truly are and to express your unique identity. It precedes belief and knowledge and is an important step in the journey to connection with God.

Hope today for all that is good and beautiful. Maintain confidence that your hopes and dreams are in the process of coming to you. Remain connected to God, and continue to feel hope filling you, energizing you and sustaining you.



Inspiration is your natural state of being. It is flowing to you, and you are receiving messages and ideas. Be still and tune in to what you are being given. Be open and receive freely. Listen in the stillness. After you receive, you may be inspired to pass on messages to others by writing, speaking and creating.

This is a time for receiving divine guidance and inspiration. Messages are pouring forth. You are being inspired with creative ideas. Receive them, listen to them, and act on them. You will feel a deep sense of peace and love when you are flowing with divine guidance. Nothing is forced at this time, as inspiration simply flows.

Divine guidance and inspiration lead you to step forward and fulfill your purpose. This allows your life to flow in an easy, relaxed manner, with faith and trust that you are being led. When you listen to inspiration, you find yourself in the right place at the right time, saying and doing what is given to you.

You have much to share with the world. You receive personal inspiration as you access divine guidance. Allow it to come forth. Express it, let it flow, and more will be given. What do you feel inspired to do or say? Now is the time. You will bless yourself and others in the process. What is keeping you from singing your song, dancing your dance or playing your unique melody? The floodgates of inspiration are open and flowing. Be ready and willing to receive ... and receive ... and receive.