What Readers Are Saying

“Transformational joy is found on every page. A Gift of Love aligns me with a vibrant and heightened sense of joy and empowerment. It is a beautifully illustrated book of love. The messages remind me to feel grateful as I focus on the beauty everywhere.”

~ Debara Bruhn’ Towt

“A Gift of Love is like a brush stroke of wisdom on the canvas of my life. It is an amazing work of art.”

~ Melissa Riparetti

“Every time I open the book my heart leaps with joy. There is a connection, a sweet remembering to what lies deep within and who I really am. Each page is a precious gift of divinely inspired encouragement.”

~ Suzann Bang

“The beautiful messages and photographs are color and light to my soul. They fill me with what I need at a particular moment in time. A Gift of Love is soul inspiring and meaningful.”

~ Sher Jorgensen

“A Gift of Love connects through words, color and artistry. The messages in the book inspire the mind to see possibilities and remind the heart to live joyfully.”

~ Patricia Ford

“Rains camera ignites a vision into a world rarely seen. Her images portray a sacred journey into the intimate beauty of nature in all its splendor. A Gift of Love has been my spiritual companion this last year, bringing a new perspective to my daily life. The words are as poetic as the images, a stunning read.”

~ Franci Leary

“The messages in A Gift of Love seem to address just what I am dealing with. They never fail to give me an uplifting message and present a fresh perspective.”

~ Barbara Christian

“A Gift of Love is a beautiful and uplifting gift each day. After reading it, I am reminded that I already know what I’m searching for; I just need to remember to listen to the whisperings that are guiding me. I truly feel that the messages and photos are uniquely sent to me, depending on what I need at the moment. They remind me that I am special, loved and strong. The book and cards resonate with love and understanding. The feelings I receive stay with me throughout my day and opens my heart .

~ Michelle Nobis

“The messages are as inspiring as the pictures themselves. Every reminder has been exactly what I’ve needed at the time. I love how the color in the pictures fits so closely with the messages they inspire.”

~ Betty Oyler

“A Gift of Love brings peace to my soul. The cards and book are pure and beautiful and are different from any others. They are so full of love and peace and contain uplifting thoughts and vibrant pictures. The words are so peaceful and filled with tranquility and serenity. The messages are inspired.”

~ Cathie Sampson

“I’ve known Rain since she was a sprinkle, and she has outdone herself with the book and cards. The concepts presented are clearer and more inspiring than any cards I have seen. They seem to have an uncanny power, also, as similar subjects always show up in repeated readings.”

~ Kurt Hanks

“Rain’s book shares a glimpse into perfect love through her exquisite photography and inspired words. A Gift of Love is a pure and humble offering. It combines visual beauty with words of wisdom and peace.”

~ Judy Willits

“The cards make me feel good and the messages are profound. They assist with the direction of my day and point me to healthy choices. The photographs are beautiful and soothing.”

~ Stewart Baxter

“A Gift of Love provides a beautiful harmony of love and peace. When I read the messages I feel grounded and experience an inspirational feeling of warmth and incredible lightness.”

~ Deb Armstrong

“The cards and messages are beautiful and inspirational.”

~ Iris Mortensen

The beauty found in the pictures on the cards is so symphonic with the power in the messages. There is as much meaning in the photos as there is in the messages. Explore the subtle power of the pictures!

~ Lynn Oyler

“The flower pictures are breathtaking, healing and captivating. Just to look at the pictures makes me feel happy. The photographs are beautiful and are completely in harmony with the messages.”

~ Geri Fox

“A Gift of Love is a wonderful addition to my day. I am reminded to become the best I can be at all times. The book and cards are positive and uplifting. I love pulling a card and reading the inspiring message. It’s always perfect. With each card I draw I feel I am receiving loving encouragement and guidance.”

~ Sheri Woods

“A Gift of Love is fantastic! Rain’s book and cards offer a unique Mother Earth energy that has provided me with many insights. I highly recommend Rain’s cards and book for a truly unique, creative experience that brings clarity and understanding.”

~ Donald H. Hagberg

“I feel A Gift of Love has divine energy which is integrated with the beauty of the flowers and nature. This brings about spiritual peace which opens the heart and shines a light down the path they are traveling. The spiritual magnificence of the book and cards is incredible.”

~ Marlene Elias Proctor

“A Gift of Love is full of inspired messages that uplift and encourage me every day. These powerful truths have given me a new perspective on how to improve my life and become something more. Each day I experience small but exquisite epiphanies that reveal exciting new opportunities for my life. The simple but truly inspired messages have helped me to discover the hidden joy in each day.”

~ Traci Heaton

“The book and cards are right on. It’s an amazing gift. The messages always seem to be just what I need at the moment. The colors in the photographs are so strong and beautiful.”

~ Dara Champion

“The messages in a Gift of Love have given me the strength to listen to my inner wisdom.”

~ Robert Baumann